Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari

Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari is bringing together kids, nature and fun. Come with a sense of adventure. Leave inspired to care for the wildlife in your own backyard!


Watch our Penguin Cam

Penguins Rock Web Cam
The Penguins’ Rock cam is live, 24-7. So chill out for awhile and enjoy the waddling, diving, splashing and swimming at the Tennessee Aquarium.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Use this handy form to ask the Aquarium expert. We have scientists who know amphibians, birds, fish, insects, invertebrates, reptiles or mammals.



Tennessee Aquarium visitors may be surprised to discover a wide variety of bird species throughout River Journey and Ocean Journey. Look for them rocketing out of the water at Penguins’ Rock, soaring overhead in the Cove Forest and Delta Swamp, perched in the Tropical Cove and roaming through the rainforest setting of the Butterfly Garden. Meet new birds, such as a Eurasian eagle owl, trumpeter hornbill, talking parrots and red-fronted macaws while visiting Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari. Meet the Aquarium’s awesome avian species and make bird watching a part of your next Tennessee Aquarium visit.

Create a wreath that attracts winter birds:
Click here to watch Christine Bock, the Tennessee Aquarium's lead horticulturist, show you how to create a wreath with natural materials that will attract and feed birds during the winter.  Click here to download the instructions.